writer, storyteller, photographer


based in Vienna, austria

LIVED AND WORKED IN LEBANON (4 yrs), France, kenya, belgium and spain (<1yr)

loves her family and friends

enjoys people, their stories, red wine, good smells & ethiopian clothing

brownies expert, specialist for Tortoise issues & festive occasions 


believes in fairy tales and that you can make anything by writing

"there are no uninteresting things. only uninterested people" (chesterton) 


Development Studies (Vienna, Paris),

Freelance and Feature Writing (London),

Photo-Journalism (Beirut)

Areas of Expertise:

culture and art management/communication,

development cooperation


freelance writing & photography,


german, english, french, spanish, arabic (lebanese)


London School of Journalism - Diploma with Distinction

children's book

Beirut marathon (2015, 2016, 2017)